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New background, less history heavy. For those in the military, there have been plenty of skirmishes and small civil wars to flesh out any background you made need.

Year 2155:
Man kind has reached the stars and begun populating many new systems. The invention of the jump drive was critical to this process. What distances that would normally take generations to travel would be covered in a mere week. Still not without risks however, travel through ‘hyperspace’ can be dangerous, but if one sticks to the standard ‘hyperspace lanes’, beacons between colonies, then travel is relatively safe. You four find yourself banded together to explore and where possible, make a living out of this place.

Character creation tips:

1. roll 2d6 six times and apply the numbers to your character stats as you see fit.

2. Reference page 5 of the book for character creation process. Don’t forget to get your starting home world skills, listed below.

3. Clarifications for character creation.
—A) New character, roll to qualify for a career, if success you’re in that career as long as you ‘survive/advance’ if not you either apply for draft or become a drifter for that career term.

—B) Next career term, roll to qualify for a career (assuming you’re not ‘surviving/advancing’ in your current one), if so your new career has started. If not, then you apply to the draft or become a drifter.

—C) Etc…

—D) A few notes. You cannot reapply to a career you’ve already been in and left, exception being the drifter and the draft, the draft has the possibility to put you back into a career you already were in (Navy for example). Also note, the draft can only be applied to once and will automatically put you into the rolled career without a qualifying roll needed.

4. “Basic Training” Anytime you start a new career path you get the Service Skills for free instead of rolling for a skill. Now the major difference here is you only get them at 0. So if you already have VaccSuit at 0 and you get a new Career’s service skills that include VaccSuit, you already have the basic training, thus 0, so your training in it is more overview and you gained no additional training worth, so still at 0.

5. Background Skills key.
Agricultural = Ag
Asteroid = As
Desert = De
Fluid Oceans = Fl
Garden = Ga
High Technology = Ht
High Population = Hi
Ice-Capped = Ic
Industrial = In
Low Population = Lo
Low Technology = Lt
Non-Agricultural = Na
Non-Industrial = Ni
Poor = Po
Rich = Ri
Water World = Wa
Vacuum = Va

6. World information.
See email.

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